LIC Investment Plans provides best customer services to choose perfect Life Insurance Investment Plans in India.  List of LIC Investment Schemes are creating wealth with life coverage, it helps the policy holder to achieve their Short-Term as well as Long-Term Financial Goals, gives the highest return in the Life Insurance Industry, Plans available for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years to double the money. also for Child’s Carrier, Higher Education Education, Future Marriage. Always Life Insurance Investment Plan is a tool to create wealth with a tax benefit. Best Plan to Invest in LIC is Endowment Policy, Money Back Plans, and Single Premium Plan gives financial security to the family members and nominee, complete protection to the life insurance policyholder for a specific period of time, with the Maturity Benefits. Tax Benefits under Section 80(C) and Section 10 (D). Generally, LIC Policies are inbuilt with a bit of extra premium, Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider. We help to check the: Eligibility, Sum Assured, Latest LIC Policies list / Table / Chart, Policy Benefits, Reviews, & Life Insurance Premium Calculator Chart, and to find the best LIC Investment Plans in India 2018. We are the authorized and best LIC Agent in Chennai, LIC policy holder who is customer or clients with LIC India may contact us for any LIC India Chennai Branch related queries and claim related assistance.

LIC Investments Plans

You may expect to benefit as much as possible from your winning years and contribute your cash attentively, or you may wish to proceed with your way of life even after you have resigned. Or, then again you may need your family to be secured and accommodated even in your nonappearance. For every one of these necessities, we are serving customers simple to put resources into and give adaptability to your distinctive needs.

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

What Are Investment Plans?

To put in basic words, Investment Plans are the budgetary instruments one makes to secure the future fiscally and manufacture a considerable add up to take into account unanticipated conditions. Along these lines, Life Insurance items are regularly utilized as speculation designs, since they secure life, as well as help to make riches for future. There are different types of speculation designs which are talked about in a different area on this site.
Regardless of what the occasion or stage, Investment Plans work for you constantly! Be it subsidizing your tyke’s training, celebrating an exceptional event like marriage, engaging startling damage, or accessing a relentless stream of salary at retirement!
Very much organized speculation designs help you in collecting riches and making a corpus, so you are constantly prepared to meet life’s key developments and overwhelming difficulties, without giving up on your money related solidness!

Key Advantages and Features of Life Insurance Investment Plans!

Venture Plans are a shelter for the individuals who put stock in methodical investment funds and need a corpus of assets to be accessible at the desperate hour. The entire enchantment lies in the profits over the term of ventures.
Here are the components of venture designs that convey the most extreme points of interest to the financial specialists:

Restrained (Disciplined) Investment

On the off chance that you are made a request to contribute or save money on your own, you may neglect to do as such at consistent interim’s. Speculation Plans get the coveted teach to contribute with devotion and core interest. Teaching a propensity for contributing with a little, yet, the standard whole is for all intents and purposes considerably less demanding than contributing singular amount sum each year.

Figured Investment

You can simply figure your profits already through Investment Return Calculator (a customary element with such plans); to know the collected sum you will get at the development. With these figured and certain profits, you are sure about accomplishing your life objectives.

Long-Term Investment (Savings)

Disaster protection is likewise a decent approach to efficiently spare and construct riches for what’s to come. It is a perfect long haul investment funds device that can enable you to meet your money related needs after retirement or even satisfy a future objective like your kid’s marriage. Therefore, with extra security, you get twofold advantages of Protection and additionally Savings.

Life Stage-Specific Planning

Disaster protection is an alternative that offers items carefully fit for different life stages. At each phase of life, you and your family have certain objectives that you have to get ready for. These objectives can be purchasing another house, getting ready for the training or marriage of your youngsters, making riches for your retirement, and considerably more.

Tax Advantages

Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, Tax Benefits you can spare expense on your well-deserved cash by utilizing our inventive Life Insurance Policy and arrangements. You can get charge advantage at various phases of your disaster protection approach.

  • Stage 1: Entry Advantage – You get assess benefits* on your excellent instalments, under Section 80C, 80CCC and Section 80D.
  • Stage 2: Earnings Advantage – The development of your cash is not taxable.
  • Stage 3: Exclusive Switching Advantage – You can make totally assess free* obligation value Switches
  • Stage 4: Exit Advantage – You likewise get a duty free Maturity Benefit

Ensure that you generally watch that the approach reports knowing the tax cuts offered before purchasing.

Life Stage Essential Need

Life Stage Essential Need
Recently Started Earning Dealing with your maturing guardians and long-haul riches creation
Simply Married Securing your mate’s future, long-haul reserve funds and dealing with liabilities, (for example, credits)
Just Became a Parent Kid’s instruction, security and expanding your riches
Parent with Teenage Children Making arrangements for retirement and expanding restorative expenses
Brilliant Years Consistent salary, wellbeing and restorative costs, security for your mate

Which Life Insurance Policy can help accomplish your objective

As you advance in life, you go through different life stages. Every life organize accompanies an alternate arrangement of needs, needs, and objectives. Some of these life stages are landing your first position, your marriage, a birth of your youngster, your tyke’s adolescent years, your retirement, and so forth. At these diverse stages, you will have distinctive objectives and plans for your future. In the meantime, your requirement for disaster protection (Which Life Insurance Policy) will change too.

For your better understanding, we have recorded the essential phases of life, the objectives that you may have, and the kind of protection design reasonable for every life organizer.

Recently Started Earning

As a youthful grown-up, when you begin your vacation, you turn out to be monetarily free. Now of time you may surmise that you needn’t bother with protection. Be that as it may, life is unverifiable. Your folks could confront troubles if there should arise an occurrence of a disastrous occasion. You can secure them with a Term Plan.

Moreover, it is perfect to purchase an extra security at this phase of your life, as the excellent rates would be lower. On the off chance that you have any obligations (like a home advance), you ought to consider buying enough disaster protection to cover your obligation. For instance, in the event that you have taken a credit of `50 lakhs, at that point a Life Cover equivalent to your advance sum will secure your family from the advance obligation if there should arise an occurrence of a heartbreaking occasion.

The best choice here is to purchase a Term design with a long instalment term (for instance, 20-30 years).

At this stage, you are single and have constrained costs. Therefore, you can make riches for your future by putting resources into a ULIP. ULIPs give benefits like market-connected development and a Life Cover. A few designs additionally offer you a certification with the goal that your contributed cash stays secure regardless of the possibility that the market execution goes down. This component is known as capital assurance.

Simply Married

As an as of late wedded couple, you would take a gander at taking money related obligations like purchasing a home or taking an auto credit. Here, you might want to secure the fate of your life partner if there should arise an occurrence of a sad occasion. Regardless of the possibility that the two life partners have great compensations, the weight of a credit might be excessively for the surviving companion. Different obligations and costs can additionally add to the monetary strain.

Obtaining a disaster protection arrange for that gives a major Life Cover can offer insurance against lamentable occasions that could jump out at possibly you or your life partner. It will likewise give you genuine feelings of serenity realizing that your significant other will be dealt with, even in your nonattendance.

Expanding your investment funds is another purpose behind purchasing life coverage. In the event that you have budgetary objectives like purchasing an auto or a house, it is critical to plan and put something aside for it. ULIPs can be perfect instruments to secure long term money related objectives.

Just Became a Parent

At this phase of life, you would need to secure your youngster’s future. Disaster protection designs offer you an exceptional open door that enables you to put something aside for your kid’s marriage or instruction.

These arrangements proceed even in your nonattendance. The insurance agency pays all your future premiums and guarantees that your youngster gets the gathered sum toward the finish of the approach term.

You should likewise get ready for retirement at this stage and consider the sum that you will require for driving a free retirement.

Parent with Teenage Children

At this phase of life, your costs will increment for your youngsters’ advanced education. You may likewise observe an ascent in individual medicinal services cost for both, you and your life partner. You need to put something aside for your retirement will likewise increment at this stage.

With a decent retirement design, you can get a standard benefit for life to secure your brilliant years. If there should be an occurrence of an awful occasion, some retirement designs give similar customary benefits to your mate. Also, without both you and your companion, your kids will get a singular amount pay-out.

Brilliant Years

At this stage you will have fewer wards, your obligations would have been paid off and you would have collected a specific measure of reserve funds. Here, your requirement for life coverage will decrease. Getting a charge out of an agreeable and loose post-retirement life for you and your companion may turn into your best need.

To ensure that you can make the most of your brilliant year’s all alone terms, you will require a standard salary. Retirement designs that give annuity will enable you to accomplish this. An annuity is a settled measure of cash that you will get for whatever is left of your life. With this normal wage, you can seek after your interests, satisfy your long lasting wants and deal with your costs.

Types of Life Insurance Investment Plan in India

Life Investment plans help in meeting the long-term financial goals objectives of a person. Life Insurance Investment plans can be extensively characterized into the accompanying:

  • LIC Whole Life Insurance.
  • LIC Endowment Policy.
  • LIC Money Back Policy.
  • LIC Savings & Investment Plans.
  • LIC Retirement Plans.
  • LIC Unit Linked Insurance Plans – Ulips. could save your time, money, and worries by providing doorstep solutions for all your Insurance & Investment needs” Thanks for Visiting. Have a Nice Day… Call For insurance policy and mutual investment : 9940056991

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