LIC Money Back Plans provides best customer services to choose perfect LIC Money Back Plans in India.  Money Back Policy gives financial security to the family members and nominee, complete protection to the life insurance policy holder for a specific period of time, with the Maturity Benefits. Tax Benefits under Section 80(C) and Section 10 (D). and Survival Benefits in every 5 years once, Two types of Money Back Policy in LIC available with 20 years and 25 years term. Generally LIC Policies are inbuilt with bit of extra premium, Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider. We help to check the: Eligibility, Sum Assured, Policy Benefits, Reviews, & Life Insurance Premium Calculator, and to find the best Money Back Plans in India 2018.

Various Endowment Policy available in LIC Money Back Plans for different age groups like,  New Money Back Policy 15/20, New Money Back Policy 20/25, New Children’s Money Back Policy, Jeevan Tarun Child Policy, New Bima Bachat – Single Premium Money Back Policy etc., and we are the authorized and best LIC Agent in Chennai, LIC policy holder who is customer or clients with LIC India may contact us for any LIC India Chennai Branch related quires and claim related assistance.

Know about LIC Money Back Plans in India

Money Back Policy – Money back life insurance plan accommodates periodic installments amid its residency, it gives back money to policyholder at various focuses in time ordinarily 4-5 years.

Money back plans are a helpful apparatus for financial planning since they offer a periodic payout at normal intervals. What’s more, these strategies offer insurance coverage, tax breaks, and bonuses, making the arrangements a safe and secured speculation road. These sorts of insurance approaches are appropriate for conservative people who lean toward lower, yet ensured returns on their investments. It is fitting to utilize an online money back plans examination instrument to pick the best policy.

Money Back Plan is a unique kind of life insurance policy that falls under Endowment Plans. In Insurance dialect, it is called Anticipated Endowment Plans and regularly known as Money Back Policies. It essentially implies that in Money Back Plans, the money returns to the Life Insured after a particular interim of time as Survival Benefit. In any case, if the Life Insured kicks the bucket amid the policy term, at that point the Death Benefit would be paid to the nominee and the policy would be terminated and no further money would be paid to him on the intervals.

Along these lines, a Money Back Policy is a gift with a liquidity benefit. The Maturity Benefit comes in portions rather than a single amount at the end. It is called ‘Survival Benefits’. Every portion is a percentage of the sum assured. The rest of the bit comes as Maturity Benefit at the finish of the policy term.

What is money back insurance plan?

Money back life insurance plan accommodates periodic installments amid its residency, it gives back money to the policyholder at various focuses in time for the most part 4-5 years. The investments done are like enrichment plans. Money back policy will give you 20% of the sum assured in every 5 years, and on maturity, balance sum assured with accumulated bonus.

How does money back insurance policy plan functions?

In a money back plan you continue getting the percentage of sum assured amid the term of the policy. It is helpful to meet the financial obligations at a state of time when you require money, rather than sitting tight for the full policy term to get the profits. However, the profits are not showcase connected since they put resources into resource classes which will yield low yet settled returns.

What are the main benefits of the money back policy?

The money back insurance policy gives you the benefit of periodic installment for the term of the policy. The bonus is calculated on the full sum assured, some insurance companies likewise give extra discretionary benefits. In occasion of death at any point in the policy term, the claim incorporates the full sum assured without deducting any survival benefit sum. You ought to likewise experience the terms and conditions before purchasing money back policy or even while purchasing any sort of insurance policy.

How Does Money Back Policy Work?

A Money back policy is a kind of life insurance policy that offers policyholders Survival Benefits and speculation openings notwithstanding Maturity Benefits.

A normal money back policy with a 20-year residency would in this way pay the policyholder what is known as a ‘Survival Benefit’ a couple of years after the begin of the policy. Around 20% of the Sum Assured would be paid out periodically, while the adjust would be paid out at the season of policy maturity with a bonus, assuming any.

In the occasion the insured individual does not get by till the policy maturation, the nominee would get the Death Benefit (the whole Sum Assured) and the policy would be terminated.

Features of Money Back Policy

The money back policy has various unmistakable features that set it apart from other life insurance items, as said beneath:

  • Money back plans furnish policyholders with okay speculation alternatives and in addition insurance coverage.
  • The strategies give a consistent wellspring of wage as ‘Survival Benefits’ for the duration of the policy.
  • In the occasion of the policyholder’s death amid the policy term, the whole Sum Assured is paid out to the nominee regardless of the sum effectively paid through the Survival Benefits.

What amount of bonus can be received from money back policy? and when in money back policy?

Money back is with a benefit plan; the bonus is calculated on the full term assured. Last extra bonus is likewise payable yet in the event that policy has been taken or keep running for certain minimum period.

Term Coverage Against Death

When you think about money back plans, it is essential to plainly comprehend the benefits received by the survivors on the off chance that the policyholder passes away amid the plan duration. It is best to settle on a policy that gives a payout that incorporates the sum assured, and additionally all the collected bonuses with no conclusion of survival benefits that have just been dispensed. This guarantees your survivors get higher death benefits, which is helpful for their financial security.

Surrender Values

Surrender esteem is the sum paid by the insurance organization if the policyholder deliberately terminates the insurance policy before its maturity. Most back up plans gives surrender values simply after you have paid the yearly premium for at least 3 years. Specialists don’t exhort surrendering the policy before its maturity on the grounds that the sum received is altogether lower, when contrasted with what it would be at the season of maturity. Just utilize this alternative on the off chance that you have no other approach to fund-raise. On the off chance that confronted with a liquidity crunch, it would bode well to benefit an advance against your insurance policy.

Accessible Riders

Riders give additional security to the insured that is far beyond the essential terms and conditions incorporated into your insurance policy. These riders give people ease unadulterated hazard covers. Be that as it may, you should incorporate the riders by paying an additional sum at the season of buying the policy. A portion of the accessible riders incorporate accidental death benefits, critical illness coverage, lasting aggregate disability benefits, and pay benefits rider. Before you choose to pick a policy that offers most extreme riders, you ought to if your lifestyle and conditions make such riders fundamental. Keep in mind, riders include some major disadvantages and including all riders is not a productive and judicious choice while you look at money back policy offerings from various safety net providers.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits on insurance premium paid amid a year fits the bill for exclusions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. As a rule, the maturity continues and withdrawals are likewise absolved under Section 10 (10D). It is vital for you to guarantee that the survival benefits received at periodic intervals amid the policy term meet all requirements for these expense exceptions too.

Required Documents to buy Money Back Policy

Keeping in mind the end goal to apply for a Money Back Policy, clients will, for the most part, be required to submit essential documentation, for example, the accompanying:

  • Completely filled Application form/Proposal frame.
  • Photo.
  • Evidence of living arrangement/address verification.
  • Evidence(proof) of age.
  • Medical Reports (just if required).

Money Back Policy Premium Calculator

With the Money Back Policy Premium Calculator you can know the points of interest like Premium sum, development esteem, surrender esteem, credit esteem and returns of the Policy. Money Back Policy Premium adding machines will request that you input data like your age, policy term and measure of entirety guaranteed. Utilizing this data, the number cruncher will register the top notch which you will be required to pay towards your Money Back Policy.

Riders For Money Back Policy

Most Money Back Policies offer additional items to improve the insurance gave by the policy. A portion of the riders usually accessible with endowment approaches are as per the following.

  • Basic Disease (Critical illness)
  • Waiver of premium
  • Accidental death (Unplanned passing)
  • Quickened sum assured
  • Disability and perpetual handicap
  • Hospital cash (Healing facility money) could save your time, money, and worries by providing door step solutions for all your Insurance & Investment needs” Thanks for Visiting. Have a Nice Day… Call For insurance policy and mutual investment : 9940056991

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