LIC ULIP Plans provides good customer services to choose best LIC ULIP Plans in India. The Life Insurance Corporation of India introduced New Unit Linked Plan (ULIP) its called LIC New Endowment Plus, gives two major benefits to Investors its a tool covers both Insurance and Investments. Example: Gives Life Insurance coverage to Insured Person as well as Investment tool such as Invested in high growth Stocks, Securities, Mutual Funds, Capital Markets to get high returns. Premium paid under the ULIP plans are Tax Exemption under Section 80(C) and Maturity Benefits are Tax Free Section 10 (D). Generally LIC ULIP Plans are inbuilt with bit of extra premium, Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider. We help to check the: Eligibility, Sum Assured, NAV Value, Policy Benefits, Details, Reviews, & LIC ULIP Plan Premium Calculator, and to find the best LIC ULIP Plans in India 2018.

ULIP Plan in LIC for Investments with Life Coverage, ULIP Insurance Plan  (LIC New Endowment Plus), and we are the authorized and best LIC Agent in Chennai, LIC policy holder who is customer or clients with LIC India may contact us for any LIC India Chennai Branch related quires and claim related assistance.


What is ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan)?

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is an item offered by insurance companies, gives two major benefits to investors both Insurance and Investments Example: gives life insurance coverage to insured person as well as Investment tool such as Invested in Capital Market Like Stocks, Securities, Mutual Funds to grow the its own, total market value towards investment amount divided by the number of shares purchased are the unit price of the Fund its called Net Asset Value (NAV).

Best ULIP Plans in India 2018

New LIC ULIP Plan 2018
LIC’s New Endowment Plus ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan in LIC)
India’s Top Best Perfomred ULIPs
SBI Life Wealth Assure
MAX Life Fast Track Growth Fund
Tata AIG Life Invest Assure II – Balanced Fund
PNB MetLife Smart Platinum
Bajaj Allianz Future Gain
Aegon Life iMaximise Secure Plan
SUD Life Dhan Suraksha Plus
HDFC Life Pro Growth Plus
ICICI Pru Wealth Builder II
LIC Market Plus-I Growth Fund

Benefits of ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan )

  •  Insurance Cover
  •  Tax Benefits under Section 80C
  •  Like Option Systematic Investment Plan
  • Gives you a scope of speculation alternatives to look over according to your risk profile
Different ULIP’s Plans for Wealth Creation
ULIP for Retirement with piecePremium: Insured person need to make the premium for a particular period of time with your employer that is naturally gathered as a corpus sum or amount. Policyholder get it as annuities after your retirement.
ULIPs for Wealth CollectionWealth: Your money will be saved for a period of time, this is most appropriate for those individuals who are in their late twenties and mid thirties. By putting resources into this plan, they will get the adaptability to subsidize their financial goal.
ULIP for Child EducationThere is no uncertainty in saying that as a parent you need to secure your kid and his/her future from an unanticipated occasion that can demolish their profession. In such cases, pick a Ulip for your youngster that can help them in various phases of their life.
ULIPs for Health Benefits

Aside from basic benefits, it likewise gives financial help with instances of medicinal crisis (emergency).

How does a ULIP Work?

Under ULIP premium goes towards the Insurance protection needs and towards wealth creation. In the underlying policy years, a substantial piece of the premium goes towards policy costs (expanses). Post the conclusion of these costs, the premium is isolated between giving an Life Insurance cover and wealth. Units are distributed for the sum contributed, in a funds which we selected option your choice. The fund may be equity, debt, or a mix of the two. The estimation of the units designated relies upon the execution of the fund. In the initial 2 to 3 policy years, the reserve esteem may stay low because of the initial expanses at first.

Costs associated with ULIP

ULIP Investments cost involves for example:
  • Charges for Premium Allocation: This is the sum deducted from your premium to meet the costs identifying with promoting and dispersion (distribution). These charges are more in the beginning years and step by step lessen post the third or fourth year of the policy.
  • Charges of Administration: Deducted on a month to month premise, this is towards the general organization expenses of ULIP.
  • Charges of Mortality: This is the cost towards giving Life Insurance (protection) cover. This is a variable charge and is enormously subject to the death rate of the insured.
  • Charges of Fund Management: This is for maintaining your Investments and is by and large in the scope of 0.5% to 2%.

Tax Benefits under ULIP

Premiums are collected under ULIP are qualified for tax benefits under Section 80C . If there should arise an occurrence of policy holder’s demise (death), the sum got by the nominee one is absolutely tax exempted. The maturity is named a payout under Section 10 (10D) and the whole sum is tax exempted.

ULIP Surrender

Unit linked insurance plans (ULIP) option to surrendered rashly (prematurely); however there could be taken a cost implications while surrender, a level of the fund value is to be paid as surrender charges, contingent upon the plan. On the off chance that where the ULIP is surrendered in the initial three years, the insurance cover would stop promptly. Nonetheless, the surrender value can be paid simply following 3 years. So however the policy gains a surrender an incentive before finish of 3 years, it is payable simply after the fulfillment of three policy years. Numerous insurance policies likewise permit part surrender or incomplete withdrawal following 3-5 years with no cost and with no diminished in the insurance protection.

Benefitting as much as possible from Your ULIP

  • Long Term with more benefits: The most vital thing about ULIP are the long term investments. You remain to pick up the most in the event that you stay contributed till maturity. They are not to be looked as here and now speculation vehicles to acquire quick gains.
  • Helping to make clear objective: Your prime goal ought to be to have satisfactory life insurance cover to shield yourself from unexpected occasions. Work out the required life cover on the premise of your age, salary, and wards (dependents).
  • Customize your plan according to your necessity: You could utilize the different extra benefits to tweak a plan.

Riders Option: A rider with a ULIP is an extra cover alongside the base policy accessible for an additional charge. This could be accidental death or disability benefit, or a critical illness (basic disease) cover.

Top Up Option: For an extra sum (amount) over your regular premium, you could build your investment component in the base policy. In such cases, halfway withdrawals are allowed for the most part simply following five years.

Switch Option: Option to change your investments starting with one fund then onto the another fund if there should be an occurrence of changes in risk profile. Generally Five to six switches are not charged, further to which you may need to pay an nominal charge.

Required Documents to buy LIC ULIP Plan

Keeping in mind the end goal to apply for an Money Back Policy, clients will for the most part be required to submit essential documentation, for example, the accompanying:

  • Completely filled Application form/Proposal frame.
  • Photo.
  • Evidence of living arrangement/address verification.
  • Evidence(proof) of age.
  • Medical Reports (just if required). could save your time, money, and worries by providing door step solutions for all your Insurance & Investment needs” Thanks for Visiting. Have a Nice Day… Call For Insurance Policy and Mutual investment : 9940056991

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