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Health Insurance for Diabetics

Diabetes treated as a way of life issue and said to have brought each age assemble in India under its crease. Despite the fact that the condition can be rectified through an adjusted way of life or if nothing else safeguards can be taken to anticipate it to exacerbate further, many individuals are not ready to dispose of the disease and the related conditions. Therefore, a definitive advance taken by many is to go for a suitable medical coverage that gives scope to diabetes and related difficulties.

List of Health Insurance Companies for Diabetes Type 1 & Type II Categorized in India

There is certain health insurance plan for diabetic related insurance. They are provided from:

Start Health Insurance – Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy
ICICI Prudential  – Diabetes Care
Apollo Munich –  Energy Health Insurance plan

Eligibility of Diabetes Insurance Policy

  • Age 18  – 65 (who is already having Diabetes Mellitus)

Three Types of Diabetes

  • Type I Diabetes
  • Type II Diabetes Milletus
  • Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes is caused when there are large amounts of sugar in the blood because of the two reasons that is either because of the less insulin delivered by the body or because of the cells that don’t react to the insulin created by the body.

Type I Diabetes: It is called as insulin subordinate diabetes in light of the fact that the body can’t create insulin in adequate adds up to change over the sugar/glucose into vitality and it winds up noticeably obligatory to give insulin shots to the body with the goal that the sugar in the body is used.

Type II Diabetes: Type II Diabetes when cells progress toward becoming insulin safe cells don’t respond to the insulin or insulin created is not adequate for the body. This prompts the more elevated amounts of sugar in the blood. The majority of the cases are believed to have been experiencing Type II Diabetes. In spite of the fact that the condition can’t be switched back to ordinary yet the patient can find a way to enhance the way of life. Strict eating regimen design, normal exercise and observing the sugar levels in the blood can help a person to control the side effects and live with the malady productively.

Gestational Diabetes: As the name recommends, gestational diabetes is the condition that influences ladies amid pregnancy

Highlights of Diabetes Insurance Policy

  • Covers expenses of hospitalization for both type 1 and type 2
  • Policy avail for both Individual and Floater.
  • Out Patient (OP) expenses
  • Kidney transplant surgery – Donor expenses
  • Dialysis expenses
  • Sum insured – Automatic Restoration
  • More than 400 day care procedures covered.

Benefits of Diabetes Insurance Policy

  • Covers expenses of Hospitalization because of diabetes. Room, Surgeons fees, Nursing and Boarding Charges, Anaesthetist, Drugs and medicines (pharmacy)
  • Out Patient Expenses (OP)  Consultation of Medical, Diagnostic tests Expenses up to specified (mentioned) limits

We will be guiding by proving the features of every plan that provides diabetics coverage and help our clients in selecting.

Survey about Diabetes in India

Do you know that India is called as “Diabetic capital of the world”? There are over 60 million diabetic people in India. Research by professionals in India has been done and found that the diabetic people number might double by the year 2030. In India there are very few insurers who actually satisfy the insurance plan needs of diabetics. Though many insurers provide health policies, many are not willing to provide coverage for diabetic disease and its complications.

Waiting Period of Diabetes Policy

Many insurers are responding indirectly to provide coverage for the diabetic patients to manage the cost spend for their medical expenses. The current health policies that covers the diabetics and its related complications are not provided earlier than 4 years of the waiting period, after the diagnosis. There are other policies that provide diabetic and its related complication coverage’s earlier than 4 years but the threatening point about it is to pay very high premiums. Furthermore, would like to include a point that most of the medical health plans, diabetics and hypertension are always featured as an exclusion which will not be included even after one, two or four years.

Confused on the plans? We know that many will be hankering to get a health insurance policy that includes diabetic and its complications coverage. We can avail diabetic coverage in two option. One is to look out for an insurance plan that includes the coverage for the diabetics in minimum waiting period. Other option is to take a group health insurance plan provided by your company. The plan provided by the employer will cover insurance for condition that was existing before eg: diabetics. But the important point to be noticed is to be and serve for the organisation for a longer period to avail that policy as an employee.

Steps involving to register Your Health Insurance Claim with Health Insurance company

First Step: Complete details about Doctor advises of treatment or Hospitalization.

Second Step: Register your claim with the Health insurance company.

Third Step: For Cashless Claim – May Visit Network Hospital for the treatment. (Or) Can Reimbursement the Claim –  Treatment taken at the Non linked network Hospital.

Fourth Step: Cashless Claim –  Contact to avail the cashless treatment TPA or In-House Claim of health insurance company, this process generally will followed by the Hospital Insurance Help Desk for arranging cashless treatment.

Reimbursement Claim – Once treatment have taken Submit your documents within 15 days of discharge from the hospital for reimbursement.

Intimating the claim keep ready with the below Documents

  • Current Health Insurance Policy Number
  • Contact details of Insured / Claimant
  • Name of Insured person or claimant person, who is admitted for hospitalised
  • Intimate the information when register the claim relationship of insured with the patient person who is admitted for treatment.
  • Name of the hospital admitted for treatment
  • Person admitted what nature of ailment
  • Information of date & time of accident if that is accident case
  • Where the accident happened if that is accident case  

Health Insurance Policy Reimbursement Claim Process

Documentation are Required:

The following documents are required apply for health insurance claim:

  • Which is Duly filled claim form by the proposer
  • Treating Doctor signed Medical Certificate.
  • Complete Discharge summary.
  • Complete bills and receipts which is original
  • Prescription of medicine and cash memos from the treated hospital pharmacies.
  • Report of investigation
  • For accident case, the FIR or Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) is required.

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